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Every other department is measured by KPI’s, why not IT?

We recognise that the overwhelming majority of business owners and managers in small medium business do not have the skills, experience or time in their day to effectively manage their IT environment. This lack of resourcing plagues many business into accepting sub-standard performance, often unaware of the impact that correctly managed IT would have to their bottom line.
These impacts don’t just play themselves out in the form of obvious server outages, but rather in day to day frustrations & disruptions, underlying risks, lack of clarity and confusion around IT spend that generally go unnoticed as these critical drivers for success are often unmeasured or accepted as business as usual.

Doing Fine vs. Doing Great

When asked, many businesses state that their IT is ‘doing fine’. This assessment is often revised once they understand what ‘doing great’ looks like.
You may be simply ‘doing fine’ if:

  • You have no clear measurable on the amount & severity of incidents you incur each month.
  • Your IT budget is primarily based on last year's spend.
  • You are unclear as to why you made your last IT investment (you did it because they said you needed it)
  • You don't know your IT costs outside of what you spend with your provider.

Imagine that your current IT provider is an employee at your business and they have asked you for a 10% pay rise. What key measurable (if any) could you base your decision on?

At Premier, we have the skills, experience, and more importantly a unique service delivery model that allows us to deliver results unmatched in our industry. Based on a refined process, these results are predictable & repeatable. We know through proven data that our model works, and would love to talk to you about how to implement these results in your business.

What is your current IT service model getting you?

Traditional IT Services
(Break Fix)
Industry Standard
Managed IT Services
Our Process
Fixes IT Issues
Installs New Equipment
Provides Quotes on Request
Procures Hardware & Software
Monitors Environment Sometimes
Provides Updates & Patch Maintenance Sometimes
Provides Continual Improvement Sometimes
Actively Works to Improve Business Productivity
Proactively Identifies Risks & Analyses Impact to Business
Provides Proactive Recommendations & Strategic Planning based on ROI objectives.
Is accountable to the Business Results delivered by IT, not just the provision of contracted services.

Premier Service Summary

We value accountability, and we are happy to share our performance details.

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