Premier Aware.

The complete security awareness training solution for all businesses.

Every business needs to consider its cyber security risks, how easy it is for staff to make an innocent mistake and the potential damages that one attack could have on the business. Hackers are continually evolving their approach, targeting staff and exploiting human error.   

Premier Aware is the complete solution to test, train, measure and reduce human risk.

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Doing nothing is no longer an option

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of cyber attacks are due to human error

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of attacks begin with phishing

Reduce your human cyber risk with Premier Aware’s three-step solution

1. Implement strong policies and procedures

A successful security awareness program should always start with the business. With Premier Aware, you get access to our operational and policy toolkit, containing checklists, and policy and legal templates that you can adapt.

2. Deliver engaging & relevant security training

Our security awareness solution suits companies of all sizes and features highly engaging content based on real-world incidents. Our powerful learning management system uses dynamic enrollment, continuous risk assessment, engagement and knowledge testing to deliver real results.

3. Send regular spear phishing campaigns

Our campaigns use industry-specific spear-phishing content that emulates real-world scenarios, and prepares you for realistic attacks. Choose from our extensive library of phishing templates, which is regularly updated to mimic current threats. For any staff who falls victim to a phishing campaign, they’ll automatically be enrolled into tailored awareness training.

What you get with Premier Aware

Staff are invited to your training program via an email invitation and sent one training course each month. Staff engagement and completion are tracked and available in dashboard reporting.

The following training topics are delivered in short, engaging online training to your team. Their engagement and compliance levels are measured over time.

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