Premier Care™ enables business growth

From a painless, stress-free changeover from your existing provider, to resolving critical and day-to-day issues, to championing a strategic way forward…this is the level of Care we provide.

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A proven approach that transforms a business from reactive resolution to proactive strategic growth

1. Analyse

Our methodology in identifying all technology and security risks in your business and the root cause of niggling issues.

2. Stabilise

Our ability to prioritise and deliver solutions that address critical issues —all while promptly responding to and resolving the day-to-day problems your team are facing. Transitioning your business from a reactive to a stable state, and creating new space for strategic planning and growth/improvement projects.

3. Strategy for Growth

Our commitment, ownership and commercial thinking, in how we consult with you on opportunities for new or different types of technologies—from system and network upgrades to emerging solutions—are aimed at increasing productivity and potentially giving your business a new, competitive edge.

Your own Chief Information Officer as part of Premier Care™

You will have an on-call, expert Technology Consultant, who will act as your very own Chief Information Officer (CIO), who will work with you to develop a Strategic Technology Roadmap. You will have a plan on what technology to invest in and how this will specifically enable you to grow and make your business thrive in the next 12, 24 or 36 months.

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We service businesses that have between 20 and 200 device users, from a range of industries.

We become the IT department and team of consultants you need working alongside you to make your business better with technology. All accessible and available to you for a reasonable fixed fee over a 12, 24 or 36-month contract.

We have a network of vendors and our Professional Services team have the capability to assist with these needs. These are considered value-added, ad-hoc services that require different resources, additional effort and are quoted separately from Premier Care™.